Yogi® Joint Comfort Tea

by Yogi
$4.95 $3.96
This unique blend of botanicals is purposefully formulated with naturally Decaffeinated Green Tea, Turmeric Root and Yucca Root. Yogi then adds Cat’s Claw Root and Devil’s Claw Root to round out this soothing tea. Enjoy this pleasant blend anytime during the day or when you need a little Joint Comfort.

Organic Lemongrass, Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea Leaf, Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Celery Seed, Organic Spearmint Leaf, Organic Devil's Claw Root, Organic Peach Flavor.

Each Tea bag contains approximately 2 mg of caffeine, as compared to approximately 90 mg in 8 oz of coffee.


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