Organic Sleepy Temple

by Buddha Teas
$8.95 $7.61

Take a moment to relax with a fresh cup of Sleepy Temple Blend, a smooth floral flavor medley that makes for a perfect diversion at the end of the day. This herbal blend employs the appealing aromas and flavors of well-known floral teas like chamomile, jasmine and lavender, expertly complementing them with the cool qualities of spearmint and an intriguing hint of licorice. The refreshing blend of flavors provides a smooth and satisfying taste you’ll treasure at the end of a long workday. Indulge in a fresh cup of Sleepy Temple Blend and discover why this herbal tea blend is a perfect addition to your tea collection and to your evening routine.

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You can delight in this fragrant, luxurious herbal tea blend free from the worry of any unwanted ingredients. Our Sleepy Temple Blend uses pure, 100% organic ingredients, free of additives, fillers or preservatives. We also package our teas in bleach-free tea bags to eliminate the risk of harmful chemicals, like dioxin and bleach, which can contaminate teas during the steeping process. Enjoy this tea as a stress-free addition to your daily routine, especially when you save money on your purchase through our bulk discounts or by taking advantage of one of our coupon codes. Remember that all orders of $50 or more receive free shipping within the US! Order today and discover the luxury of our Sleepy Temple Blend!

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