Organic Skinny Buddha Blend

by Buddha Teas
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Energize, invigorate, eliminate … when seeking to incorporate tea into a health regime aimed at weight loss, it only makes sense to seek out that which has been proven to support your goals. That, friends, is what Buddha Teas Skinny Buddha Blend brings to your table: tried & true success.

Our carefully researched and compiled organic herbs combine with organic green tea to create an unbeatable blend for those interested in finding new and delicious ways to keep their bodies fit.

Adding Skinny Buddha Blend Tea to your daily routine will highlight the best of you, and encourage you to feel good in your body.

Supporting ingredients:

  • Green Tea, known to increase metabolic rate, thus assists with fat burning.
  • Hibiscus Flower, has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol; also known to support healthy digestion.
  • Bilberry, immune boosting antioxidant, also known to counteract an active gastrointestinal tract.
  • Cranberry, a known urinary tract wonder fruit.
  • Lemongrass, best known to calm; also a well-reputed antioxidant.
  • Triphala, helps regulate digestion.
  • Chickweed, assists with elimination; also known to curb one’s appetite.

What Does Skinny Buddha Blend Tea Taste Like?

Tart, tangy, summery … a little bit of tickle on your tongue.

How to Make Skinny Buddha Blend Tea

First: because green tea is a main element, do not steep at a full boil; green tea likes to soak in water 170°-180° F. As you pour the water gently over your teabag, take notice of the sublime color: like the sky at dusk, as pink, red, yellow, and orange spread across the horizon and mix into a subtle, delightful hue that kickstarts this exquisite tea-drinking experience. Not to be missed. Adding a touch of your favorite sweetener may be a pleasing way to balance out the tartness of this light and delightful blend.

Health Benefits of Skinny Buddha Blend Tea

All of the thoughtfully selected ingredients in our Skinny Buddha Blend are aimed at assisting the body with elimination of one kind or another. Eliminating fatigue, eliminating toxins, eliminating excess water, or eliminating the gut; this is what this tea is all about.

This herbal tea blend offers an invigorating fusion of flavors you can enjoy free of guilt. Our Skinny Buddha Blend is crafted using the best organic herbs and tea, creating a tea that offers the pinnacle of what nature can provide. Green tea lends its smooth, luxurious quality as the foundation for this blend, while cranberry, hibiscus and lemongrass build upon it with a fruity tang and citrus zest. The result is a refreshing blend of mild sweetness and stimulating tanginess, finished off with just a hint of sour taste to tantalize the tongue. This great taste means you can enjoy this tea without the need for sugar or sweeteners. Skinny Buddha Blend even makes for a delectable iced tea as well, perfect for taking to work or to your morning workout, or even for making a pitcher to share with the whole family. However you enjoy it, Skinny Buddha Blend makes for a perfect addition to any tea collection.

Savor the Taste of Skinny Buddha Blend

We understand the importance of clean, healthy living, which is why our Skinny Buddha Blend is made using only 100% organic green tea and fresh herbs. We never use additives, fillers, preservatives, or added flavoring in any of our teas, and with our bleach-free tea bags, you can feel safe from the exposure to harmful chemicals like bleach and dioxin. Enjoy Skinny Buddha knowing that every sip offers something truly natural and wholesome.

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