Organic Digestive Nirvana

by Buddha Teas
$8.95 $7.61

Prepare your taste buds for a flavorful tea adventure with Digestive Nirvana. This finely crafted tea blend features a selection of potent herbs and spices, rich with impressive natural flavor. Licorice, fennel seed and anise seed each bring their unique sweet-yet-tart quality, carefully balanced by papaya leaf’s smooth, even taste. Ginger root adds in its own spicy kick, creating a powerful and invigorating blend that’s perfect for waking up with or settling in after a meal. Tea lovers are sure to be impressed with this tantalizing brew.

Try Digestive Nirvana Tea

Experience the powerful personality in this stimulating herbal blend. Buddha Teas fashions our blends using the highest quality organic ingredients, packaged in bleach-free tea bags to ensure that you receive all of the benefits and none of the risks of added chemicals. We back each of our teas with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because of our confidence in its quality and affordability. Order today and give it a try!

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