Iced Tea Pitcher - Large (65 oz) (Finum)

by Octavia Tea

Iced Tea Pitcher 65oz (Finum)

Designed for outdoor use by the well-known German teapot manufacturer, Finum, this iced tea pitcher may be safely taken anywhere you wish to serve tea. Made from Tritan (top-quality, shockproof, BpA-free plastic), this versitile pitcher is suitable for hot and cold beverages, and also works as a juice carafe. The "brew-stop" filter design allows you to stop the brewing process (and prevent over-steeping) by simply turning the lid top to trap the leaves away from the water.

GERMAN INSTRUCTIONS: Fill the pitcher with crushed ice to just below the filter. Add tealeaves to the filter; depending upon tea type and desired strength (experiment until you find the quantity right for you!), we suggest filling the compartment 1/4 - 1/2 full of leaves - be sure to allow room for tealeaves to expand. Pour in hot water until the pitcher is full. Allow tea to brew. Once the tea is at the desired strength, just turn the lid clockwise - the filter doesn't have to be removed! Pour and enjoy.

Holds approximately 61 fluid ounces (7.5 cups).

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