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Therapeutic Actions

  1. For prevention and treatment of headaches and TMJ
  2. Treats various head, neck, shoulder, and upper back pain and tension
  3. Treat headaches and colds with sinus congestion and itching eyes

Chinese Therapeutic Effects

Clears exterior wind-cold
Moves Qi and blood


Internal: 3 to 5 tablets TID for acute headache
3 tablets TID for chronic headache
90 tablets, 750 mg., 10 day supply


Magnolia bark (hou po), Chiang-huo rhizome (qiang huo), Angelica root (bai zhi), Ligusticum root (chuan xiong), Siler root (fang feng), Angelica pubescens root (du huo), Vitex fruit (man jing zi), Kao-pen root and rhizome (gao ben), Curcuma tuber (yu jin), Feverfew herb (Tanacitum parthenium)

Pinyin Reference: Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang


Head-Q is an empirical formula developed by herbalist Andrew Gaeddert to improve blood circulation and relieve inflammation. Chiang huo (qiang huo), angelica (bai zhi), siler (fang feng), and kao pen (gao ben) are wind-relieving herbs that are traditionally used for upper body pain. Ligusticum (chuan xiong) is one of the premier herbs and is used to treat headache and migraine. Vitex (man jing zi) clears heat and reduces eye pressure. Feverfew, a Western herb in the Chrysanthemum family, has been researched at the London Migraine Center as a preventive for migraines. Curcuma (yu jin) regulates qi and invigorates blood. Magnolia bark (hou po) drains dampness and brings qi downward.

Clinical Notes

  1. Some patients will notice Head-Q has an immediate effect, whereas others must take Head-Q on a regular basis
  2. Can be used for trigeminal neuralgia and other facial pains
  3. Can be used for pain caused by neurogenic medicines
  4. Excellent results reported for migraines
  5. Head-Q has been used successfully with Clear Heat for herpes infection of the eye
  6. See Health Concerns Newsletters: Vol. 6, No. 3: Herbal Protocols for Treating Pain; Vol. 6 No. 3 Herbal Protocols for Treating Pain, Part 1: Injuries, Muscles & Joints (Gaeddert); Vol. 7 No. 1 Herbal Protocols for Treating Pain Part 2: Headache (Gaeddert); Vol. 7 No. 2 Herbal Protocols for Treating Pain Part 3: Repetitive Use & Other Types of Pain (Gaeddert); Vol. 15 No. 2 Silkworm Enzyme Treats Pain, Inflammation & Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders (Gaeddert)

Additional Information

  • Use Ease Plus and/or Coptis Purge Fire to treat headaches from rising Liver Fire
  • Combine with Ease 2 for headache or upper back and neck pains associated with tension and muscular stress
  • For recalcitrant headaches combine Head-Q with Ease Plus, 3 tablets of each formula TID
  • Gastrodia Relieve Wind addresses intense liver wind headache

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