french roast

by Peace Coffee
$10.99 $9.89

This French Roast is a dark roast lover’s dream laced with smoky sweet chocolate and the subtle sweetness of black cherry and creme brulee. Pair with a butter croissant, a pitcher of fresh cream, and a spoonful of sugar.


Dark roasted coffee is becoming a lost art. Often thought to hide flaws in poor quality beans, we submit that a well-crafted dark roast can share the same space in the cupboard as your favorite light roasts. Our roasting team dedicated itself to the process of meticulously roasting these beans to a dark stage to accentuate the flavors of the roast and develop deep sugar notes often void in quicker high-heat roasts. We still believe a proper dark roast can be just the ticket for an afternoon coffee and sweets break—and French Roast is the coffee you’ll want!

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