decaf dark roast

by Peace Coffee
$10.99 $9.89

Bittersweet chocolate and a pleasant nuttiness fill this dark roast decaf coffee with a perfect combination of full-bodied flavor and a smooth finish. Pair with a chocolate chip cookie, a fuzzy blanket, and your evening reading chair.


If you’re anything like our coffee-loving staff, there is never a bad time for coffee. Though we often consume copious cups to begin our day, many of us would argue that a hot mug in the later hours of the day are equally as enjoyable. Our Decaf Dark is a homage to our favorite caffeinated dark roasts, still delivering the same roasty flavors but without the extra kick. We believe water processed decaf coffees can hold their own next to any regular coffee when roasted with attention and expertise, and we’ve even tricked a few of our loyal customers (willingly, mind you) with this unleaded brew in a side-by-side comparison.

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