Zenergy Tea

by Buddha Teas
$8.95 $7.61

Zenergy Tea

When looking for a quick morning pick-me-up, most people will reach for a cup of coffee, or a strong black tea. Those in search of a low-caffeine alternative to start their day with, however, will find a lot to love in our Zenergy Blend. Green tea provides a light and refreshing base to this blend, complemented by the smooth herbal taste of ginkgo biloba. Maca and ashwagandha provide an earthy pep, and ginger finishes off the medley with its classic spicy bite. The resulting blend is both smooth and stimulating, an inviting way to start the day off on the right foot.

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For tea connoisseurs and first-time tea fans alike, Zenergy tea provides a tasty addition to your tea cabinet. You can enjoy this tea free from worry about chemicals and additives, as we select only fresh, all-natural ingredients that have never been touched with pesticides or herbicides, and never include any additives or flavoring agents into our teas. We even use bleach-free tea bags to eliminate the risk of chlorine in your tea. With Buddha Teas, you’ll be more than satisfied by our commitment to quality, affordability and great service. Give Zenergy tea a try today!

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